Eco Coat provides masonry protection for homes throughout the UK 


Eco Coat are an approved applicator for both SecoFlex and secoTherm products. All of our staff have been trained to ensure the application procedures meet our high quality standards. This assurance of a quality application means that we can offer guarantees on SecoFLEX and SecoMUR applications. 


Our products are Eco-friendly and mean: 
Not painting your home as regularly – our products last up to 5 x longer than paint 
Your home becomes a more thermo efficient building 


Do you have damp, cracked paint, render or pebbledash? secoFLEX creates a new surface over the existing paint, that needs no painting, is waterproof and breathable. Not only does this stop penetrating damp, but also removes existing damp. 
secoFLEX is a solution to all the following problems 
Algae growth 
Paint blistering and cracking 
Paint spalling 
Cracks or crumbling on the building facade 
Efflorescence (salt marks) 
Dirt and discolouration 
Blown rendering 


Once a brick starts to decay, the skin erodes and the brick becomes similar to a sponge. Applying secoTHERM solves damp problems, protects against future damp, stops bricks from spalling (eroding), and helps make houses more energy efficient. 
"I would like to express my satisfaction regarding the work carried out by your company. All the outside walls of the house were inspected and where necessary repairs carried out. The years of accumulated dirt and fungi were removed by jet wash prior to the coating being applied. The actual coating is all I hoped it would be. The work was carried out with a minimum of mess and in a professional but friendly manner. I would not hesitate to use you again!" 
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